Your Best Sports Collection

Autographed sports items are a multi-million dollar industry and sports items having the Michael Jordon autograph are even popular with the basketball fans. Though it is not hard to get sports items autographed by him but it is not also readily available.

The reason behind the popularity of Michael Jordon’s autographed sports items is that he is a ‘living legend’ in basketball and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in the year 2009. This honor made the market for signed items by him all the more popular among sports enthusiasts. You would get various items signed by him in the online stores but before buying them, make sure that what you are buying is a real item and not a fake.

Some of the items having Michael Jordon’s autograph on them, and the popular ones among the sports enthusiasts are the autographed basketball, autographed jersey, photographs.

If you want to make your collection an elite one then you must go for a Michael Jordon autographed basketball. You would get Wilson basketball signed by him from the online stores and this is truly a wonderful item to be on your collection.

Another excellent collection to have in your list is the red jersey with the #23 on it signed by him. #23 is synonymous with Michael Jordon’s career and a jersey with this number is recognizable world wide as his signature jersey. Having one such jersey in your collection would increase the value of your collection.

A photograph of his in his famous “Jumpman” logo is another excellent collection to have. This is a historical moment in basketball and the framed photograph of Michael Jordon in this flying pose is the best moment of his life. Therefore, as a sports enthusiast this photograph with his signature should be a part of your basketball memorabilia collection.